Moritz, born 1986, the son

Left home at the age of 17, on his first ride, a 125 cc scooter. Managed to turn his love for computers in a respected profession (programmer) and is happy to be able to work where his bike is. Tested speed driving on a Honda Hornet bike, then turned to the offroad section of the motorcycling world. Having spent a volunteer year in Laos, Asia became his second home. Besides the love for traveling he keeps an interest in all kinds of electronics for travel documentation.
Bangkok, Thailand

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

 Gilbert K. Chesterton

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Unplanned Pregnancy

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Rainer, born 1948, the father

Being a professional road engineer and traffic and transport planner, Rainer keeps an eye on road details and safety issues. Paradoxically, he loves riding straight road sections more than curved ones, and horsepower of his ride doesn’t mean anything to him, but rather fuel consumption. Presently he happily rides an 11 hp scooter at home. His favourite travel destination remains Southwest USA. Low budget travel, especially for the elderly, is dear to his heart.
Petershausen, Germany

Done with indoor complaints,
libraries and querulous criticisms,
strong and content
I travel the open road.

 Walt Whitman