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Beer Hoi in Hanoi

by Moritz 27. October 2013 03:11

It's been a while since my first time in Vietnam, 2008 i spent 2 weeks visiting Halong Bay and taking an old russian Minsk motorbike up to Sapa.

5 years can change a country a lot, Thailand is a good example for that. But to my surprise nothing seemed changed in Hanoi!

From a holiday perspective i really appreciate that, prices are still cheap, really cheap.


You can get an excellent Hotel for around 20$ / Night (Dorm rooms start at 3$), local food won't cost you more than 1-2$ and Beer Is Free!

Free? Well, almost, there is this thing called "Bia Hoi", it's a Lager with around 3% alcohol, delivered fresh every day to small outdoor places.
The taste is excellent and the atmosphere drinking one of these ice cold Bia Hoi in one of Hanoi's busy road junctions, sitting on a small plastic chair, watching all sorts of transports passing by, is unique.

It's by far my favorite beer drinking spot in the world!

A glass (about half pint) of Bia hơi costs 5000 Dong, which is around 18 Euro Cents, 25$ Cents.
And sometimes it's just free, i guess it didn't only happen to me that someone had something to celebrate and put 2 kegs of fresh bia hoi on the street for everyone's enjoyment.


As i just did a short 3 day Visa-Run this time, i didn't plan to do a lot except sitting in my bia hoi corner.

Getting lost in Hanoi's alleyways is a good way to get a feeling for this amazing city.

small hidden temple
typical street scene from viet kong cafe

Golden Bell Show
one busy bar street, at the end the beer hoi places start
fascinating atmosphere everywhere at night

Vietnamese people are masters of carrying stuff around where we would only use trucks in western countries. 
A scooter with an 8m long trailor? no problem! (sorry wasn't quick enough for that pic)



Vietnam has a very interesting food culture too, dogs, turtles and a lot more exotic stuff can be easily found here. 

Frog Fried Pigeons


On the last day i rented a bike (Honda Win) and drove around the outskirts of Hanoi, very enjoyable

seemend like an abondoned place to me, but that doesn't mean there is nobody living in it! :D
i found some place where people do their wedding pictures, there were more than 20 brides around, very amusing
this new bridge in the back is part of a huge highway project to connect the airport with central Hanoi
suddenly some kids came out of the copse, holding a bird they apparently shot
having my 4th coffee that day, there are just too many nice shops everywhere
romantic atmosphere at sunset on an old railway bridge


When someone asked me about Vietnam before i said "exciting country with beautiful landscapes, but people are not friendly at all".
Either I have changed or the Country has, this time i felt people were quite friendly, not as welcoming as in other South-East-Asian countries like Thailand,
but not unfriendly. Most people don't speak any English and they don't like pictures taken of them, so it can give an unfriendly impression, which maybe isn't.
But i felt less ripped-off and had a lot of nice experiences with the locals, even getting some free food. 


I will try to ride into Vietnam with my Thai motorbike some time next year, really hope that's gonna work out, crossing borders with your own bike is still a big problem for Vietnam.

Another country worth visiting!




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