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Left home at the age of 17, on his first ride, a 125 cc scooter. Managed to turn his love for computers in a respected profession (programmer) and is happy to be able to work where his bike is. Tested speed driving on a Honda Hornet bike, then turned to the offroad section of the motorcycling world. Having spent a volunteer year in Laos, Asia became his second home. Besides the love for traveling he keeps an interest in all kinds of electronics for travel documentation.
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On the road again - Part 2 - Thailand to Ozeania

by Administrator 25. September 2014 17:45

Where to start, where so start... *sigh*

2 great years have passed since i finished the first leg of my worldtrip, i lived a good life, 30sqm room on 31st floor, pool, gym and library, all there. Made new friends, got a bit more into offroad riding, saved some money and did nice trips in this part of the world that i used to call my second home. 

On 3rd September, i reduced all my belongings to what can fit on the bike and left easy life and friends behind once again.

While this is always a sad moment, a new adventure lies ahead of me...

My first day back on the bike wasn't long, i drove about 100km south-east to an airfield in Siracha, where another dream came true, learning to fly...

...okay maybe not that one...

...nope not this one either (but how cool is it, only seen such thing in james bond movies so far), 

i learned to fly a paramotor...

Learning to fly - Paramotor from mo aly on Vimeo.

My teacher David had done some very interesting ride himself, Vietnam to Spain on old russian Minsks.
On my third day i was up in the air already, really enjoyed the very practical training.
Hope to find some spots in the world where i can get into this sport a bit more, it's fantastic!

Okay, back on the ROAD and South South South...

I didn't get very far again, a lot of rain, stopped at some random place for the night and found out this is where the famous train market is that i always wanted to visit. Maeklong Railway Market

When a train is rolling in, they start collapsing all the sunscreens and goods. They know exactly how much space there is between the train and the ground, so some of the things on the upper picture can stay.
I went there at the planned arrival time of the train, but unfortunately it was broken and not fixed before the next day.

Well prepared...

I continued my way south to Krabi town, relaxed, had some beers, read the theoretical stuff about paramotoring, dreamed of being up in the air...

i didn't really realize how the water left (low tide), but suddenly everything seemed to move, look closely at the following picture:

The whole area was about 30 times as big as this picture, thousands of crabs and fish crawling around, amazing.
I hope there will never be a situation like this where the crabs are spiders.

further south...

this is Songkla, a totally unknown place for foreign tourism in Thailand, can't really see why, probably because
it is at the beginning of that 3 southern provinces that have a long ongoing story with bomb attacks carried out by some separatist movements. As to be expected, I passed without any incidents. Also foreigners are not a preferred target...

...and there it was, goodbye Thailand, i will miss you, your food, your people, your friendliness, your happiness.

The border to Malaysia, which was supposed to be a very easy one, gave me a LOT of trouble, but after many many hours (2 days) i got all my papers properly stamped.

I am in Kuala Lumpur right now and will leave for Indonesia in about 2 weeks, so i keep the post on Malaysia for later.

...One more thing :D

My bike, which i btw. call "Blue" (yes yes very imaginative), is getting some soul. 
What i mean by that is my MotorbikeSoul project, to explain it in short, i want Blue to make her own travel documentary (yes blue is still only a motorbike).
The idea is that there is a small board-computer with a lot of sensors, that collects information about the route traveled (gps), the temperatures, and at a later state, if i ever get that far, automatic and forced pictures of the road ahead. Actually many more ideas came up from my side and people involved in the project, let's see where this goes.

The status of the project 2 days before i left was that i could get a GPS signal, save the coordinates to SD and Upload them as soon it finds an open or known wifi.

The problem, i had no box to put it in. First tries (which now seem very stupid) with some aluminum tee boxed did not work out very well. An engineer was need. Good that my friend Jacob only lives a few floors down.

We measured the place were we planned to fit it and a few hours later he had created this beautiful 3D Model

Off we went to make it real, while 3D Printing would have been an option nowadays, we chose a good old chinese lasercutter in one of Bangkoks Makerspaces to do the job

using some Acetone we put all the parts together, and there it was, a beautiful, perfectly fitting box for my MotorbikeSoul project.

I wish i would have more of this engineering knowledge, so many things could be built :)

Anyway, i had some problems in the beginning with the electronics, but my last tests were quite successfull,
i didn't mention it yet, but if i press that magic button to upload the data, a facebook post will be created, it looks like this:

If you are on facebook feel free to add Veely Blue, if not, at some point i will integrate in into 1world2go anyway.

Well, what else...
...i haven't forgotten these beer donations where no story has been posted yet! 

And i hereby declare that i will never eat oysters ever again, the last few days were not nice and i'm still recovering from that stupid idea.

More soon,

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